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This week I’ve been featured in an article by Rainmaker Bullets. Here’s an excerpt:

Marketing campaigns require an investment of time and money. Rainmakers have zero tolerance for burning either.

After all, a failed campaign can be devastating to your business goals.  However, while the risk of failure is real, it is essential to remember that it does not have to be overwhelming.

There are ways to successfully mitigate the risk and improve your odds of marketing success.

The key is testing.

Testing is a standard solution. In science, medicine, computer programming, and more, testing is a normal part of any operation.

Think about it.

A new medication does not hit the market unless it has undergone rigorous testing. Science necessitates examination to prove whether a theory is valid. In computer programming, a program or application vigorous testing takes place before getting released on a broader scale.

This testing shows how something will perform before using it in its actual implementation.

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