How to Get Targeted Testimonials for Your Website


Testimonials are a powerful tool that can showcase the success of your services in a way that just talking about it can’t. They highlight customer accounts, allowing potential clients to relate to their experiences and build confidence in choosing you as a service provider. 

In fact, WikiJobs shows that when testimonials are added to a page, conversion rates increased by 34%. This is backed by the stat that  92% of customers review testimonials on a website, before buying.

Are you looking for ways to get targeted testimonials to help establish credibility and trust with both new leads and established customers? 

In this article, we’ll explore different techniques for collecting meaningful and impactful customer feedback through testimonials!

5 Ways to Get Testimonials for Your Website

1.  Leverage Net Promoter Sequences to Find Your Customer Advocates

The easiest way to get testimonials is to ask your satisfied customers for them. But how do you know who these people are? By leveraging a net promoter sequence, you can identify your top advocates and request a testimonial from them.

When reaching out, a face-to-face or phone call is always best (if you have the bandwidth), but you can also reach out via email, and even social media. 

Be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their business, and let them know that a testimonial would be greatly appreciated.

2.  Provide Incentives in Return for a Testimonial

When you have deemed a customer as an advocate, you may want to offer an incentive for providing a testimonial. This may include a discount on a future purchase or free shipping.

One of my favorite incentivized testimonial programs is G2’s – for anyone that leaves a review on their website, you can choose a participating nonprofit and G2 will donate $10

3.  Make it Easy to Provide a Testimonial

When you are asking customers to go out of their way to support you, it’s necessary to make it as easy as possible for them both in writing and submitting.

I always recommend a simple website form with question prompts. You can then pull from the prompts and revise the testimonial for where you need to place it on your site.

Need help figuring out a form tool? Check out this blog on how to choose a form tool for your website.

4.  Promote Your Testimonials on Social

Once you have obtained your testimonials, use social media to promote them. You can provide these as examples for the clients you are asking to create them. Sometimes, it’s easier for people to see examples before writing their own. In addition, positive reviews will encourage others to write their own testimonial.

5.  Make Sure Your Testimonials Are Genuine

It goes without saying that you need to make sure your testimonials are genuine and from real people. Using made-up, or fake reviews will damage your reputation and credibility. If you do ever encounter an individual that does not want their name or company publicly noted on the testimonial, you can make it anonymous. However, the best testimonials will be from real people.

Keep Track of Testimonials & Show Appreciation

Your CRM tool can be used for more than just sales – it can also help you keep track of customers after the sale through additional nurturing, including asking for the testimonial.

When you have received a testimonial submission, show appreciation for those who take the time to leave a testimonial for your website . A simple “thank you” goes a long way in showing that you value their opinion and feedback.

Want More Customers? Use Testimonials On Your Website!

Testimonials can be incredibly powerful in encouraging people to choose and trust your brand. By following these simple steps, you will be able to acquire more valuable testimonials that will help you grow your business.

So what will you do today? 

If you have been able to improve the way you have acquired testimonials on your website, please share with us what has worked for you.

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