Focus on Actions to Avoid Stressing Out


Beat the Big Vision Overwhelm With Small Actions

In our day-to-day life, we tend to look at a bigger picture of what we want to achieve, and this big picture is often way out of our own control. rather than considering the small, day-to-day actions that will build upon each other to make our vision a reality.

We can’t control the outcome of our vision, but we can control what we do each day to get us closer to it, and appreciate our journey and the lessons learned along the way.

Why the actions, not the outcome?

When you focus on the day-to-day or small actions, you are moving in the direction of your vision.

When you focus on your vision or the outcome, you are stagnant in an imaginary world with no action.


Think of this like cutting down a tree. One swing of an axe does not cut down a tree. It really has no impact at all except maybe a small scar on the tree. However, the deliberate and continuous action of swinging over and over again, allows the tree to severed and to fall.

tree cut with axe

Focusing on an outcome leads us to feel overwhelmed; and this is scary, intimidating, and exhausting. This is not a good place to be if we are trying to succeed – we want to feel like every day we are making a difference and getting closer to our vision.

How do I work towards my vision?

Create a Vision Statement

Get very clear on what you want you to be like and how. Be very specific about how you will feel. Include visual references, such as a vision board.

Develop an Action Plan

Create a list of projects, tasks, and sub-tasks; and then schedule them on your calendar. This is the most important step! An action plan is the first step to taking action.

computer notebook

Determine how much time you can spend each day working towards your vision. Make sure that each task will not take longer than this amount so that you are able to cross things off the list on a daily basis.

For example, I have 1 hour a day to work on my vision, therefore, any task that I make that will take more than 1 hour, must be broken down further. If you only have 15 minutes, create tasks that can be executed in 15 minutes! If you don’t have time every day, work with what you have, and work around that.

When you have your tasks, schedule the time to complete them on your calendar.

Execute every day

Take one task each day and complete it. Make it the most important thing you do before checking email, social media, or turning on the news. Schedule it into your morning routine and get it done first; no excuses!

Celebrate your success!

Celebrate each day! Use a Jar of Awesome to celebrate your accomplishments. Create a gratitude list of the life you are living. Be in the present and proud of yourself for your commitment to your journey.

Jar of Awesome

What’s next?

Show me how you are focusing on your action! Follow the steps above and share your results in the comments below or take a photo and tag me on social media.

Do you have more questions? Please reach out to me!

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