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Behind the Scenes of a 25% Email Marketing Revenue Boost: A Success Story


Industry: Personal Finance


  • Increased Efficiency through process design, SOPs, and team training
  • Reduced Platform Costs by 50% through software selection analysis, setup and migration, and email list re-engagement and cleanup
  • Increased Sponsorship Revenue by 25% via new sponsorship opportunities


In the crazy, noisy world of digital media, every brand is hustling to stake its claim, stand out from the crowd, and build something unique. One such brand is a prestigious personal finance brand, part of a leading global digital media company. They’re pros at dishing out top-shelf content to their audience, helping them navigate the twisty maze of personal finance like they’ve got a map.


Despite its unique content and industry standing, the brand grappled with a disjointed email marketing strategy. Emails were sent sporadically, lacking a clear goal or purpose. There needed to be a discernable roadmap, a defined audience to target, and consistency in the approach.

Compounding these problems was an antiquated email software that fell short on all fronts. For example, we could not pull detailed metrics or set up advanced audience segmentation. In addition, outside system integrations and automation were unavailable. Without these critical tools, the company was flying blind, struggling to gauge the effectiveness of its efforts or make data-driven decisions.

The management of email marketing was an ad-hoc affair. Publication editors juggled it amongst their myriad of tasks, and there needed to be established processes and workflows. A vast, unsegmented list of contacts loomed overhead, its origins unknown and its engagement questionable.

This situation could have been more unsatisfactory for a company that understood the power of email marketing and its potential for high return on investment. With the right strategy and tools, they knew email marketing could be a game-changer and catalyst for substantial growth. All they needed was the right partner to help them unlock this potential.

Solution: A New Era of Email Marketing and Automation

The goal was to transform it from an ad-hoc, underperforming function into a powerful, streamlined machine that would drive engagement, increase revenue, and ultimately provide a substantial return on its investment. So when the personal finance brand reached out to me, there was a palpable sense of anticipation, a hope that this would be the turning point in their email marketing journey.

As we began to peel back the layers of the customer’s email marketing conundrum, it became apparent that the path forward was twofold. First, we needed to streamline the existing workflow, introducing a level of organization and consistency. Second, we needed to implement a strategic, goal-oriented approach to their email marketing, leveraging advanced tools and segmentation to optimize their efforts.

Design a Strategic Workflow

The initial challenge was to understand the current state of email management. We undertook a comprehensive workflow overhaul, developing a robust process and writing standard operating procedures (SOPs) to guide the team. The editorial team participated in training to ensure everyone was on the same page.

Create the Customer Journey

With the process streamlined, we pivoted to a strategic focus. A detailed customer avatar was outlined, and a roadmap was charted, marking the customer journey. This roadmap wasn’t just a guide for email marketing but a blueprint for the future. It introduced new free and paid subscriptions and sponsorship opportunities, which we would leverage through email marketing.

Upgrade the Email Marketing Tools

However, as we implemented this strategy, we hit a roadblock. The existing email software needed to improve for our growing requirements. It became clear that we needed a new tool that offered the functionality and capabilities we needed to bring our strategy to life.

Working with the larger corporate team, we defined and matched new system requirements to potential software options. Then, using a prioritization matrix, we selected the best tool for the requirements. This new email marketing software was then set up, and we cleaned up, migrated, and warmed up our lists. Finally, the advanced automations implemented and included a new paid sponsorship offer and a digital course.

Continually Adapt

Throughout this journey, flexibility was key. The customer operated like a lean startup, and amidst several team reorganizations, I was able to adapt and provide the support they needed. As a result, we were one step closer to our goal with each hurdle we overcame.

Impact: Unearthing the Power of Email Marketing

Over 18 months, the customer’s email marketing landscape radically transformed. The investment in my managed email marketing and automation service began to bear fruit as the ROI increased, and the tangible benefits became apparent.

Increased Production Efficiency

Email became consistent by implementing an email marketing strategy, campaign calendar, team SOPs, and training, improving deliverability and engagement across all audiences. The newfound efficiency starkly contrasted with the chaotic approach that had previously plagued the brand.

Reduced Costs

By employing new engagement management strategies and audience segmentation, we were able to clean the email lists and maintain them more effectively. This led to a dramatic 50% reduction in the overall system costs associated with disengaged contacts, freeing up resources that could be allocated elsewhere.

Increased Revenue

Introducing a new email marketing and automation tool allowed us to unlock new ways for the business to leverage sponsorships. The result was a 25% increase in email ROI, as the brand harnessed the full potential of its marketing efforts.

The Bottom Line: A Pioneering Approach to Email Marketing

The journey of this premium personal finance brand stands as a testament to the transformative power of a strategic, well-managed email marketing and automation system. Over 18 months, we transitioned from an ad-hoc, inefficient system to a streamlined, ROI-generating machine. As a result, with improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased revenue, the brand was able to fully leverage the potential of email marketing and propel itself to new heights.

However, the journey didn’t end there. With the foundation of a robust email marketing and automation system in place, they continue to explore and experiment, constantly pushing the boundaries and refining their approach. I continue to partner with them, overseeing the design and implementation of weekly emails, automations, lead magnets, and opt-ins and supporting the development of new products.

“Lindsay Kirsch is an exceptional email marketing professional who has significantly impacted our business. During her time as a contractor, Lindsay’s expertise and dedication have transformed our email marketing strategy and delivered remarkable results.

When Lindsay joined our team, our subscriber lists were disorganized and cluttered. However, with her meticulous approach, Lindsay diligently cleaned up our subscriber lists, ensuring precise targeting and maximizing the potential of our campaigns. Through her strategic segmentation and automation techniques, we delivered highly relevant content to our subscribers, significantly increasing open and click rates for five websites.

Lindsay’s expertise went beyond optimizing our existing campaigns. She recognized the importance of re-engagement and skillfully designed captivating email sequences that brought back dormant subscribers and reignited their interest in our offerings. The impact on our engagement metrics was remarkable, and we owe it all to Lindsay’s strategic approach and attention to detail.

In addition to re-engagement campaigns, Lindsay guided us in creating lead magnets to entice our audience to join our email list. She also developed a new welcome series that instantly captured the attention of new subscribers, setting the stage for a great relationship from the very beginning.

One of the highlights of our collaboration with Lindsay was the implementation of our first micro-course. With her guidance, we transformed our expertise into bite-sized educational content with great potential to add value to our subscribers’ lives. The course was enticing to sponsors and created a source of revenue for us.

Lindsay’s professionalism, excellent communication skills, and ability to understand our business needs were instrumental in achieving these outstanding results – along with her knowledge of Asana to help us stay organized and process driven. She seamlessly integrated with our team, adapting swiftly to any changes or challenges that arose.

Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly recommend Lindsay Kirsch to any organization in need of a talented and results-driven email marketing professional. Her passion for her work and commitment to excellence are truly remarkable, and we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Once again, we express our deepest gratitude to Lindsay for her exceptional contributions. Her dedication and the positive impact she has made on our business are truly invaluable.”

Leslie Ciuppa, Director of Operations

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