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How an Education Company Took a Quantum Leap, Raising Email Click-Through Rate by 65%


Industry: Education

Overview: Education Company’s Journey to Improving Email Click Through Rates

Our case study revolves around a professional development company operating in the education sector. They aim to empower women through networking, expert coaching, ongoing education, and support. In addition, the company sought to enhance its customer journey, audience segmentation, and revenue-generating activities to leverage its existing ActiveCampaign system.

Key Results: Impressive Growth in Email Open and Click Through Rates

  • Email open rates increased by over 62%.
  • Email click-through rates improved by over 65%.
  • Implementation of new integrations between multiple tech tools, resulting in enhanced overall performance.

Company Background: Empowering Women through Business Growth Education

This client has been providing business growth education for over five years through face-to-face events, online communities, and digital products/memberships. Their offerings enable their audience to cultivate businesses that offer fulfilling and inspiring careers.

Challenges Faced: Maximizing ActiveCampaign for Customer Journey and Segmentation

While the client had been using ActiveCampaign for email marketing, they faced several challenges. The connections between ActiveCampaign and their course/membership platform must be fixed. They required assistance with audience segmentation and needed a proper measurement strategy.

Identified Priorities: Enhancing Customer Journey and Data Integration

  • Design an updated customer journey tracking the audience from lead to ascension offer, utilizing marketing automation.
  • Leverage ActiveCampaign as the central system for audience data, integrating it bi-directionally with all other systems.
  • Create a customer segmentation plan to ensure targeted communication reaches the right audience at the right time.

Solution Implemented: Optimizing ActiveCampaign as a Central Data Hub

As the Lead Consultant, Lindsay spearheaded the analysis, design, development, and implementation of an updated ActiveCampaign data hub.

Actions taken included:

  • Optimizing the evergreen funnel to ensure transparent tracking of leads and predictable conversion metrics for revenue estimation.
  • Setting up essential automations to manage lists effectively, enabling identification of contacts based on interests and behaviors for improved audience segmentation.
  • Developing a customer ascension strategy to guide customers toward the most practical next steps.

Impact Achieved: Significant Increase in Open and Click Rates

Over the course of 12 months, our focused efforts yielded significant results, including:

  • Average open rates increased from 15% to 20+%.
  • Click rates improved from <1% to nearly 3%, consistently surpassing industry benchmarks.

Additional Achievements: Streamlined Audience Segmentation and Cost Reduction

  • Seamless segmentation of audiences based on engagement level, products purchased, and customer journey stage.
  • Cost reduction by cleaning up the contact list and removing unengaged contacts.
  • Implementation of a new checkout tool that seamlessly linked the email marketing and automation platform with the membership platform, resulting in an improved checkout conversion rate.

Conclusion: Successful Email Marketing Transformation for the Education Company

By addressing these challenges and implementing strategic solutions, the education company experienced substantial improvements in its email click-through rates and overall email marketing performance.

Lindsay is a tremendous asset to our team! I can’t speak highly enough of how much I love working with Lindsay. Not only is she an incredible team member that has fit seamlessly into our team culture, she produces amazing results! Lindsay has helped our company use ActiveCampaign in a way that moves from it being just “another system in the stack” to a core component and backbone of our workflows – including everything from integration of checkout, memberships, ads, and analytics tracking. A couple incredible results she’s achieved for us so far are: increasing our overall open rates by 62% and increasing our overall click through rates by 65%!

Something that was really important to us when we brought on Lindsay as our ActiveCampaign expert, was to have the ability to segment our audience in a way we’ve never been able to before, to be able to better provide more aligned content to our audience. As a team fit, Lindsay is definitely the woman you want on your team! She is able to help team members easily understand how to leverage ActiveCampaign and always brings her high level strategic insights and extremely meticulous game plan to every project she is on. If there is anybody I would recommend to learn from, it would be Lindsay!

Shay Brown, Bucketlist Bombshells

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