How to Protect ActiveCampaign Account Login


If you’re an ActiveCampaign user, you know the importance of protecting your login details. 

From managing customer data to finding new leads and personalizing campaigns, using a secure account is vital if you want to get the most out of the platform AND protect your contacts. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of steps you can take to safeguard your ActiveCampaign account against malicious intent. Here’s how to best protect yourself and your customers.

How to Login to ActiveCampaign

First off, in case you have forgotten, you can access your account login screen from 

Did you forget what yourname is? That’s ok – you might be able to find your URL by viewing the sender information on one of your latest emails.

Still can’t find your account address? Contact [email protected].

How to Protect Your ActiveCampaign Account Login

Use a Strong Password

According to 1Password, strong passwords are both unique and random. What this means is that you shouldn’t be using your favorite pet’s name + your phone number. You need to use a group of characters that make absolutely no sense and are not used anywhere else.

All passwords should contain at least 10 characters. Passwords must include numbers, letters, and special characters.

Need help creating one? 1Password’s password generator is great for this!

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is the process of logging into your account, then obtaining a pin or passcode from another tool (such as a pin generator, text message or email) to essentially, log in again. 

Two-factor authentication works to protect your account because even if your primary password was hacked, the likeliness of your second authentication being hacked is very low (unless the hacker has access to your other devices/tools).

According to research from, two-factor authentication prevented 100 percent of bots, 99 percent of bulk phishing attacks, and 90 percent of targeted attacks.

Tip: Two-Factor Authentication is easy to setup in ActiveCampaign when you setup your initial account.

Don’t Share Your Login Credentials with Anyone 

And we mean anyone! If you do have others that need access to your account, it’s best to create a sub-account for each individual. This allows you to easily terminate the account if needed, and allows you to create restrictions on what areas of the account a user may access.

Additionally, I always recommend that teams use a password management tool, such as 1Password to keep all company accounts secure and protected.

In ActiveCampaign, you can require two-factor authentication on all user accounts.

Keep Your Device Secure By Using Anti-Malware Software and Keeping it Up to Date

An outdated operating system can create more vulnerability as it doesn’t have the latest software patches and updates – and the same goes for your anti-malware.

Once a hacker breaks into your device, they will likely be able to access saved application logins and passwords and create havoc.

Make sure you are regularly checking for both operating system and software updates on your devices.

Review Your Active Users and Identify Suspicious Activity

Hopefully you already have list cleansing practices in place, and can easily identify any spam attacks on your ActiveCampaign account. However, you still want to keep an eye out for any strange activity; including large numbers of contact signs ups. If you do see this, make sure you report your concerns to ActiveCampaign support.

Keep Your ActiveCampaign Account Login Safe

With ActiveCampaign, you can make the most out of the platform but only if your account is secure. 

From changing passwords regularly to enabling two-factor authentication and keeping your device software updated, these effective tips and tricks will help you secure your ActiveCampaign account login. 

The importance of following these practices is essential for any business, especially when using the ActiveCampaign platform. 

What other ActiveCampaign account login best practices do you use? Share them with us here in the comments below!

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