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Guarantee Success with a Weekly Review


Weekly Review: the Key to Project Management Success

Congratulations! Your projects are defined and prioritized, you have scheduled out your tasks, you are ready to rock your actions!

Until a meeting goes over, an unexpected fire drill hits your team, and all of a sudden your super-organized-ready-to-rock-game-plan has completely gone out the window.

What do you do?

Conduct a Weekly Review!

It’s so easy (really, I promise) to organize your projects and create a schedule if you followed along with my 5 Steps to Project Management. It is not easy to guarantee that life won’t happen and get in the way, that some days you will be sidetracked and accomplish absolutely nothing. Your actions pile up, and now it’s Friday, and there is still a lot on your list.

What is a Weekly Review?

A weekly review is the process of re-ground and re-organizing your projects, allowing you to keep everything “in control” and flexible to meet the demands of your life.

A consistent weekly review allows you to continuously monitor, evaluate, and readjust your action items as needed.

A weekly review helps reduce stress by allowing you to maintain flexibility and still having accountability.

And finally, a weekly review keeps you on target, no matter what comes up!

How do I conduct a Weekly Review?

The weekly review is similar to the 5 Steps to Project Management process, except that you already have most of your projects and tasks listed. During the weekly review, you will go back through and verify the status, edit, and update as needed.

Steps to Conduct a Weekly Review

1. Review projects

  • Did you account for all of your projects?
  • Can you add any new projects?

2. Review priorities

  • Are your projects prioritized?

3. Review tasks (clean up and prioritize)

  • Are your tasks still accurate?
  • Do you have any new tasks to add?

4. Review time estimates

  • Do any of your time estimates need to be adjusted (are they taking less or more time than expected)?
  • Do you need to break up any of your tasks into a more manageable “day of work”?
  • Are you tracking your time so that you will be able to reference the time to complete it for future projects?

5. Review schedule

  • Do you need to reschedule any incomplete tasks?
  • Do you have new tasks to reschedule out for the upcoming week?

How often should you conduct a weekly review?

While the name may be conducive to conducting a weekly review on a weekly basis, that is not always the case.

Sometimes, there are so many changes in my week, that I need to conduct a weekly review mid-week!

Other times, my weekends up so crazy that I go two weeks before I remember to conduct the review.

However, I highly recommend that you complete the weekly review on a regular basis. Create a re-reoccurring event and schedule it on your calendar.

Weekly Review in Action

In the following video, I walk you through my weekly review process using the free tool, Asana.

Schedule your weekly review right now!

And of course, let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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