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Let’s Accelerate Your Business!

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Are you struggling with...

You Built a Business that Works - Now Let’s Take it to the Next Level!

Business can be fun; but not when it's full of chaos!

I get it.

You built a seemingly stable business with a unique product that has a confirmed market fit. However, as your audience has grown and your business has morphed over time, your workflows have failed to keep up.

What worked in the beginning, is no longer working.
And the problem is, you don’t have the time (or energy) to deal with it as the visionary CEO.
You dread this aspect of your business – being the bottleneck because you wake up every day with to do list longer than what can ever be done.
You want to focus on what you do best; showing up and serving your customers. Not get bogged down in the day-to-day marketing and operations.
It almost feels like you are back at square one – trying to figure out all the things… yet you aren’t because now there are a million other tasks on your plate.
It feels like the reins are no longer in your hands. You’ve lost confidence in your systems. In fact, these tools (and lack of oversight) are now costing you money and affecting your ability to measure your return on investment.
…And it’s snowballing.
You are stuck in a reactive state dealing with chaos of unorganized workflows rather than proactive sales strategies.

You have a gut feeling that what is supposed to be happening, is not what is actually happening… and you don’t know how to even attempt to fix it.

You KNOW you are losing thousands of dollars in lost opportunities every single day.
And here’s how I know.
For the last 2 decades, I have worked with businesses to create marketing, operations and IT systems that work seamlessly across all areas of their businesses.
Entrepreneurs and business owners frequently come to me overwhelmed with a list of what they know they should be doing… and a team that is trying their best. However they are lost, not making progress, and stuck in disarray.
It’s reactive… dealing with constant issues and troubleshooting rather than getting ahead and having processes that work.
That is why I’m so passionate about partnering with you to create a specific action plan that doesn’t include a band aid solution. You don’t need another tool… you need to take full advantage of what you’ve got… and you definitely don’t need to be stressed or unhappy with the systems in your business.
Remember – you don’t build another story on your house without first making sure your existing foundation is strong!
Your business can be simple, scalable AND drive more opportunity within what already exists!

Where do we start?

All business partnerships start with a strong strategy. This includes:


Recognize the client journey.

The key to closing more sales is to understand how people make decisions. Did you know that 60% of all buying decisions end in no decision.

Most people choose inaction, rather than making a decision. Let’s change that for your customers! In order to do this, I’ll make sure you understand how potential buyers make decisions so that you can make it easier for them!



Construct your customer avatar… version 2.0.

Yes, I know that you have been here before… creating a customer avatar is like, business 101. However, we are going to go way beyond the typical surface-level avatar and really dive into their goals and values, how those directly impact their challenges so that we can ultimately impact buying behaviors.


Develop your transformational messaging.

Your buyers want to know that you have their best intentions at heart and that you are capable of acting on those intentions. They need to trust you. The greater the transformation you can provide, the greater the value of your relationship. Looking at your messaging from a variety of angles allows you to “get in the shoes of your customer” and build that trust. The basis of this messaging is what then pushed out across all of your marketing channels; with ease and clarity.


Breakdown the customer roadmap.

Your customer roadmap is the journey from first becoming aware of your existence to becoming a raving fan. We want it make it easy for your lead to turn into a buyer, and grow them into an advocate.

Did you know that marketing focus on advocacy is 81% more effective at growing your top-line revenue than any other strategy or promotion. Let’s focus on that so we can increase your customer LTV.


Design your marketing automation map.

Once we know who you are talking too (ok you probably already knew this, but I’m positive we’ve had some upleveling here), and what you want the customer roadmap to look like (this is likely way different than what’s actually happening today!) we can identify how marketing automation tools will support your customer journey. For real!

*… I say “for real” because in my experience, most people jump right into the marketing automation without the map… they create a plethora of one-off workflows they think they need… that they think is helping them yet it’s actually creating more chaos then when they first started. So… for real, we’ll fix that!


Prioritize your actions.

Allll of this information may leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed with a long list of “to-dos.” And sometimes, what’s making the most noise (ahem, customer support), isn’t necessarily the top priority. That’s why we wrap things up with a strategic set of priorities so that you know what to work on next to create the biggest impact. *… I say “for real” because in my experience, most people jump right into the marketing automation without the map… they create a plethora of one-off workflows they think they need… that they think is helping them yet it’s actually creating more chaos then when they first started. So… for real, we’ll fix that!

Here’s what to expect when you accelerate your business...

When you focus on your business foundations, everything becomes more clear.

  • The transformation you are providing will instantly connect with your ideal audience so that you will close more sales.
  • Your team will be able to focus on what they do best; delivering value to your customers because your business strategy will be aligned with your systems and workflows.
  • You will stop thinking about all that revenue left on the table and feel confident that you are running a lean, mean, business machine.

Consider: What’s the cost of not doing this?


Cost defines how much money it requires to operate a process. The cost metric is impacted by inefficiencies and waste in all areas of your business. How does wasted money impact your body line? When inefficiencies exist (lack of process, too much process, or somewhere in between) your bottom line is directly impacted.


Quality helps quantify issues relating to process errors, specifically in the customer experience. A lackluster customer experience will decrease repeat sales and prohibit the growth of raving customer fans. Just think… if someone buys your product and then never hears from you again, how does that impact their success? If it takes ages for them to receive a support response, how does that make them feel? When quality decreases, the less likely your buyer is to see value in what you provide.


Time allows us to gauge the amount of time that passes in various areas of the customer journey such as new lead and purchase, existing buyer and additional sales. It can also measure completion/success time such as how long it takes a customer to experience success with your product/service. Wasted time reduces focus. The longer time passes, the longer it takes a buyer to see value in what you provide, if they end up seeing it at all.

Not sure if this makes sense for you? Read this!

In order to accelerate your business, you need to have a business in place. That’s why this strategy is geared towards small to medium businesses with a proven market and product-fit.
You also likely:
If your goal is to control the chaos and create more ease, efficiency and energy in your business, then this is the place to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

All partnerships start with a full-day strategy session ($5,000).

During that time, we will determine if you have a need for a one-time implementation or an ongoing relationship. I’ll propose a personalized course of action and budget and you’ll be in control at each step of the entire process. Please note that the average monthly spend for my services is $3,000 per month.

Great! If this is the case I’ll ask you to review it with me and then we can spend more time in our strategy session on the transformational messaging, customer roadmap, and marketing automation map.  

We can discuss it – if it makes sense, I can support your immediate need. However, in my experience, most “immediate needs” are a result of a lack of strategy. Therefore I’ll still encourage us to focus on strategy first to ensure that that you are set up for future success.

Hi, I'm Lindsay!

I am a marketing automation strategist and an expert in workflow design.

With a master’s degree in Instructional and Performance technology, I consult with organizations to identify opportunities that save time, reduce cost, and improve quality all while increasing revenues.

Some of my clients include fortune 100 companies such as AT&T and Johnson & Johnson to nationally recognized educational institutions including Emory University and University of Phoenix, not to mention niche personal brands like Buffie Purselle, Julie Solomon and Elizabeth Rider.

As a certified Professional Behavior Analyst and a Six Sigma Greenbelt I have been featured in a variety of national media including Business Insider and Thrive Global for my continuous work in business expansion. I have worked with companies across the globe designing and developing thousands of online courses and support systems in over 17 different languages.
Today, I am an ActiveCampaign Consultant, Asana Partner and Personal Brand Strategist and internationally recognized for my work helping entrepreneurs, founders, small business owners, and online influencers increase their bottom line through sales & marketing, operations and technology.
Erin Loechner
Design for Mankind
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"Lindsay is incredible! She has the ability to take a big picture strategy with the small, integral details to execute a big vision. I will absolutely never work with anybody else!"
Marla Leigh
Composer and Online Drum School Teacher
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"I'm so grateful to work with Lindsay - she knows these programs inside and out. She is passionate it about it... she loves it! Lindsay delivered excellent quality, is very organized, and she meets her deadlines. I could have never have completed my project without Lindsay!"
Chris Nentarz
Move Well Physical Therapy
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"Lindsay saw the effort that we put into every single patient and started to translate that into action into something that was tangible so that we could open our doors to more people. Lindsay has helped keep our message authentic, so we can do what we love to do. The best part of this whole process is the new energy that Lindsay has brought to our team."
Allison Davis
Sales Consultant & Trainer
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"It took me a while to realize that just because I knew how to do something... didn't mean I knew how to teach it in the most impactful way. Thank goodness I met Lindsay when I did! From the minute I started working with her, she totally supported me. She understood what I was trying to do and gave me the missing tools... to actually craft a course. Now I am going into the market with a training I am proud of and so sure, that will create change!"
Sue Czyryn
ATD Buffalo
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An amazing talent and tremendously tech savvy! Lindsay has delivered exceptional results. I am sincerely impressed with Lindsay’s ability to make things happen in order to deliver high quality.
Matt Veronica
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"Lindsay brought things to the table that we didn't even know... we didn't realize what we were lacking. Having an expert in her areas was helpful because it's not our background. Working with Lindsay is easy. She takes things by the horn and gets everything done. After working with Lindsay, I'm excited about access to a new population that will expand the number of people that we can help."

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