Once you have been able to secure solid email campaign open rates, your next step is to increase your email campaign click rates.

Increasing click rates can be tricky – many email providers do not provide any type of email heat map or too to analyze what links are clicked most frequently.

In this blog I’m going to share five simple ways that you can increase your email campaign click rates, using simple email design.

To create visual interest, use a combination of link types within each email campaign.

A naked link is when you display the entire link in an email, for example https://lindsaykirsch.com/blog/

Naked links call out the obvious; there is a link and it’s there to be clicked. In the example below, you can see how I used a naked link in a recent campaign.

Example of a naked link in an email campaign.

A text links is link or URL that is behind the text. For example, this is a text link. It’s recognizable because it has the classic blue, underlined font, but not as obvious as a naked link.

In this example, there is a text link both with in the body and the footer of the email campaign.

Example of text link in an email campaign.


Buttons create a more obvious visual link method. A button can be visually attractive and eye catching because it breaks up the text on the page.

In this example, LinkedIn uses a button link to prompt the reader to click to read the rest of the article.


Images within your email campaigns will provide additional visual interest, while promoting the next action that a user may otherwise bypass.

In this example, an image link is used to break up large text and provide an advertisement for a service.

Video (with play buttons)

Videos are an interactive component that entice a reader to click to watch. 

In most email editors, you can embed a YouTube or Vimeo video that can be clicked to view. Videos create additional visual interest and interactivity in your email campaigns and will help readers take the next action.

In this example, the email campaign has a direct link to a YouTube video.

Example of a video link in an email campaign.

Apply the Rule of Three

The rule of three recommends that you use a variety of link types, up to three, in each email campaign.

A variety of link types will help you catch the eye of different readers and how they process the next action of an email.

Links do not have to only be in the body of your message – they can also be used within the header and footer of your email campaign.

The following example uses a very compressed template while also including an image, button and text link.

Add More Contrast to Your Colors

According to Opt-In Monster, we know that a more prominent, eye-catching call-to-action results in more conversions. Therefore, any color change that increases the visibility of your call-to-action should increase your conversions.

Use a tool such as Coolors.co to update your color palette creating specific email campaign link and button colors.

Example of a color palette with strong contrast to use in an email campaign.

Keep a CTA Above and Below the Fold

A CTA that is visible upon first glance (above the fold) as well as after a scroll (below the fold) will benefit your email click rates.

In this example from Elizabeth Rider, she includes both a video and button link, above the fold (bonus: it even worked on mobile view!) as well as below the fold text links.

Example of a video and button link in an email campaign.

The last recommendation to create more clickable campaigns is to test and make sure every link works.

It’s common to rush through testing – we all have a lot on our plates. However the impact of not testing can cause far greater problems that the little time spent ensuring your links are working.

Before sending out any email campaign, send yourself a test to verify that every link is functioning as expected. Use an email account specifically designed for testing that is different from you TO address. Test in an incognito browser window so that you are not logged in to any of the systems you may be linking.

For more information on testing automations and email campaigns, check out this blog post.

Increase Your Email Campaign Clicks

By applying the principals of this blog, you will be able to increase your email campaign click rates over time.

Increased email campaign click rates will further improve your email deliverability and sender scores ensuring that more emails land in the inbox of your subscribers.

Now it’s your turn! Let me know in the comments what strategy you plan on implementing first, in your next email campaign.

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