How to Choose an ActiveCampaign Plan 

 February 17, 2020

When setting up your marketing automation efforts in ActiveCampaign determining what ActiveCampaign plan is best for your business may feel like an overwhelming decision.

Since email marketing accounts for approximately 23% of sales, you don’t want to skimp on features and benefits, however, you also want to be realistic with what your team has the ability to use and manage.

There is nothing worse than buying another tech tool that goes unused!

But you don’t want to skip out on functionality that could drastically impact your business’s bottom line.

So how do you decide?

Asana is the easiest way to manage team projects and tasks.

Remote teams can organize projects, manage shifting priorities, and get work done.

In this blog, I’m going to compare and contrast the different ActiveCampaign account plans and help you make the best decision for your business.

ActiveCampaign Plans Overview

ActiveCampaign provides four different plans. Each ActiveCampaign plan is geared towards the specific stage of your business and what goals you are trying to achieve with marketing automation and email marketing.

In general, if you are just starting out in email marketing and automation, I recommend going with the base plan to get your accounts setup. Once you are ready, you can upgrade and slowly work your way through additional functionality.

However, if you are deep into email marketing and automation, determining between the plus, professional, and enterprise plan can be more challenging.

Note: currently, ActiveCampaign is offering CRM with Sales Automation FREE with any Plus, Professional, or Enterprise plan!

ActiveCampaign Common Features

All ActiveCampaign accounts allow you to send one-off email campaigns as well as set up marketing automations. You can create opt-in and subscription forms directly in ActiveCampaign.

Additionally, you can access tech support through email or chat and have access to the ActiveCapaign one-on-one support, chat support, email support, online videos and guides, and, community.

As you explore the different levels of ActiveCampaign accounts, you will find additional features and functionality that allow you to grow your marketing automation, along with your business.

For more information on the ActiveCampaign common features, click here.

The ActiveCampaign Lite Plan

The ActiveCampaign Lite plan is geared towards businesses that are just getting started in marketing automation and email marketing. 

This is a great plan to choose if you want to explore the basic features of ActiveCampaign.

With the ActiveCampaign Lite Plan, you will be able to send email campaigns, set up automations and create opt-in forms.

Features of the ActiveCampaign Lite plan include: 

  • Email marketing with unlimited sending so that you can send out scheduled campaigns, campaigns triggered by contact behavior and email funnels.
  • Subscription forms so that you can get more leads, trigger automations, and keep track of potential sales deals.
  • Marketing automation so that you can create automated email follow-up.

The downside of the ActiveCampaign Lite plan is that your integrations will be very limited and your system will be co-branded until you upgrade to the Plus level.

The ActiveCampaign Plus Plan

The ActiveCampaign Plus plan is geared towards businesses that are expanding their marketing automations and integrations. 

This is a great plan to choose if you are working with multiple other tools and want to create a single hub for marketing automation.

With the ActiveCampaign Plus plan, you will be able to integrate with social networks, leverage the CRM functionality and sales automation, and conditional content. 

Features of the ActiveCampaign Plus plan include: 

  • Facebook custom audiences so that you can follow up on your contacts through Facebook ads.
  • Lead & contact scoring so that you can identify who your most engaged leads are and what actions they are taking.
  • Integrations so that you can forget Zapier and all of those other connector tools… work with your different systems directly in ActiveCampaign.
  • SMS marketing so that you can reach your contacts on the go without having to wait to check an email.
  • Dynamic content so that you can show a contact directly what they are interested in when they want to see it.

The ActiveCampaign Plus plan will allow most businesses to really get set up for success with marketing automation so that you can continue to grow and nurture your audiences.

The downside of the ActiveCampaign Plus plan is that you do not get access to machine-learning tools, such as predictive sending until you upgrade to the Professional level.

The ActiveCampaign Profession Plan

The ActiveCampaign Professional plan is geared towards businesses that are established in their email marketing and marketing automation and looking to further refine and optimize results.

This is a great plan to choose if you want to further enhance your open- and click-rates and leverage machine learning on your deals and automations.

Features of the ActiveCampaign Professional plan include:

  • Predictive sending so that you can send emails to contacts at their optimal open time, not yours.
  • Predictive content so that you can send the right content pieces in each of your campaigns that are geared towards each contact.
  • Customer attribution & path to purchase so that you know what marketing channel is performing the best and your customer’s path to a sale.
  • Win probability so that your team can focus on the top priority sales deals first. 
  • Split automations so that you can test your automations against each other and optimize based on the results.

The ActiveCampaign Professional plan will allow your business to optimize marketing automation; using machine learning to drive campaign delivery at the optimal timing for the contact as well as predict sales success.

The downside of the ActiveCampaign Professional plan is that you do not get access to advanced domain authentication and custom reporting until you upgrade to the Enterprise level.

The ActiveCampaign Enterprise Plan

The ActiveCampaign Professional plan is geared toward businesses that are deep-rooted in email marketing, automation, and CRM functionality for the everyday operations and success of their business.

This is a great plan to choose if you need in-depth email and domain authentication, as well as customize reporting.

Features of the ActiveCampaign Enterprise Plan include:

  • Custom reporting so that you analyze specific information that your team will use to make informed marketing decisions.
  • Custom mailserver domain so that you can further provide email authentication and white-label your emails.
  • Custom domain so that you can white-label your email marketing system.
  • Dedicated account rep so that you have a single point-of-contact for working with your ActiveCampaign account.
  • Free design services so that you can have beautiful, customized emails that are fully branded to your business.

The ActiveCampaign Enterprise plan will allow your business to customize URLs, fully brand with CSS, create a customized mail server and customized SMS number. Additionally, with the Enterprise plan, you received a dedicated account representative with a customized email marketing strategy each quarter.

ActiveCampaign Account Plans Side-by-Side Comparison

For more information, and a side-by-side comparison of each ActiveCampaign plan, check out plans for every type of business.

Don’t Forget About the ActiveCampaign Free Trial!

Regardless of what plan you choose, ActiveCampaign provides a 7-day free trial! Just go to to sign up!

Still Need Some Help with ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign provides a directory of Certified Consultants that can assist you with your ActiveCampaign implementation. Check out the directory, here.

(Yes, I’m listed!)

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