Get Prioritized, Actionable Insights On Your Email Marketing & Automation

Missing something on your email marketing, but not sure what?

Do you know that it appears to be ok on the outside, but once you lift up the cover, you know it’s a hot mess?

This can really cause you to feel a lack of confidence in your system - that gut feeling that something is off, but you aren’t sure what.

While you want to focus on results, you are preoccupied with the potential errors that might exist, and you don’t have the time to figure them out.

The good news is that there is a way to gain clarity and feel confident that your system is functioning properly.

As a workflow designer, I’ve always been able to see the ins and outs of systems and processes that other people can’t. I can detangle the webs of automations to create clarity and freedom. It’s not a normal skill set for most, but for me, it’s my natural gift.

Here’s how we start:

  1. We look at your email account from a high-level and make sure the essential account setup tasks are complete, and that your domain is looking good to the ESP (email service providers).

  2. From here we analyze your list(s) and how they are being used. What segments you’ve setup (if any), how engagement is tracked, and what your send schedules look like.

  3. Next, we will pull metrics on all of your broadcasts and review key metrics such as click rates and revenue generated.

  4. Finally, we will dive into the automations and confirm your workflows make sense, and your integrations are working.

Email Marketing Audit

The email marketing & automation audit will provide you with an overview of your email marketing account so that you know exactly what is working, what is not and where there are areas of additional opportunity.

  • Gain clarity

  • Feel confident

  • Take action on improving your email marketing campaigns!

Basic Audit

  • Review of List Structure & Segmentation
  • Contact Analysis
  • Campaign Performance Analysis
  • Detailed Audit Report


Premium Audit

  • Basic Audit PLUS
  • Automation Performance Analysis
  • eCommerce Integrations Review
  • Includes 45-Minute Debrief Call

No action can cause just as much… or worse… than taking the wrong action. Especially with email. Don’t wait for your sender reputation to be destroyed before creating easy fixes.

How long does the audit take?

Your audit will be delivered within 7-10 business days and include a walkthrough video of the findings.

Who is this for?

The email marketing audit is for businesses that have been using the ActiveCampaign software for at least 6 months. (We really can't audit its effectiveness without some existing data.)

What happens after the audit?

Along with your audit results, we will provide a prioritized list of actions, along with recommended resources, to help improve your email marketing. You may consider purchasing additional services and products in order to implement the recommendations.

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