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Active Campaign Account Setup

Get ‘up and running’ with Active Campaign

WITHOUT getting bogged down in technicalities

You know you should get started in marketing automation… but you have no clue where to begin.
Can you imagine how it would feel to have ActiveCampaign up and running for your business rather than being just another to-do on your list?
How would your life and business be different if you could:
  • Welcome and nurture new leads to get to know you and your business helping build trust and authority.

  • Track leads and direct them to the next best action, without falling through the cracks.

  • Understand what is and is not working in your business so that you can make intelligent business decisions.

Imagine being able to leverage ActiveCampaign without the hassle of figuring it out and setting it up.


Active Campaign Account Setup Packages

Basic Setup Package

  • Basic Account Configuration
  • List Setup & Segmentation
  • Subscription Management
  • Welcome Series
  • Opt In Form Integration & Lead Magnet Delivery
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Process Flowchart
  • Documentation of Setup
Your ActiveCampaign account that is setup and ready to go within 14-30 days!

Premium Setup Package

Basic Setup, PLUS:
  • Basic Setup, PLUS:
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Promotional Series
  • Post-Purchase Series
  • Customer Success Series
  • Customer Advocacy Workflow

Your ActiveCampaign account that is setup and ready to go within 60-90 days!

What makes Lindsay’s Active Campaign services different from the rest?
  • Lindsay 15+ year background in digital technologies is extensive in industry and scope; leverage knowledge gained across the board in every single project.
  • Lindsay is exclusively an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant; she doesn’t work with any other email and marketing automation tools so she knows it inside and out!
  • Lindsay is a certified Process Excellence Greenbelt; she knows how to view a project from the top down and drive results that focus on improving processes, efficiencies and reducing unnecessary waste.

At the time of delivery, you will get:

  • An ActiveCampaign account setup so that you can get started with marketing automation for your business, immediately.
  • System documentation that allows you to easily understand each component of the setup so that you can continue to grow your system alongside your business.
  • Customized integrations with the tools and technology your business already leverages to create a single, solid workflow design.
ActiveCampaign Account Setup is PERFECT for you if…
  • You are just getting started with ActiveCampaign and you want a quick setup that will allow you to start producing results fast.
  • You don’t want to have to figure out process mapping and automation maps on your own (in fact, it sounds like a nightmare to you!)
  • You don’t want to figure out all the technical things – you want someone to do it for you.

Get started today!

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