Leverage Customer Avatars to Drive Transformative Success

Do you need help to understand your customers deeply?

You may have scratched the surface of your customer avatar, but something is still missing. In today’s business world, a profound knowledge of your customer’s values, goals, and buying behaviors is not just a luxury—it’s essential.

Your marketing efforts feel hit-or-miss. You’ve tried creating a customer avatar, but it feels shallow and disconnected from the reality of your customer’s desires and struggles, and you’re tired of seeing potential customers choose inaction. 

You may need help communicating your true intentions and the transformation you can offer. Your messaging needs to have depth to make it resonate with your audience. 

All Successful Businesses Start with a Strong Strategy

This includes:


Recognize the client journey.

The key to closing more sales is to understand how people make decisions. Did you know that 60% of all buying decisions end in no decision.

Most people choose inaction, rather than making a decision. Let’s change that for your customers! In order to do this, I’ll make sure you understand how potential buyers make decisions so that you can make it easier for them!



Construct your customer avatar… version 2.0.

Yes, I know that you have been here before… creating a customer avatar is like, business 101. However, we are going to go way beyond the typical surface-level avatar and really dive into their goals and values, how those directly impact their challenges so that we can ultimately impact buying behaviors.


Develop your transformational messaging.

Your buyers want to know that you have their best intentions at heart and that you are capable of acting on those intentions. They need to trust you. The greater the transformation you can provide, the greater the value of your relationship. Looking at your messaging from a variety of angles allows you to “get in the shoes of your customer” and build that trust. The basis of this messaging is what then pushed out across all of your marketing channels; with ease and clarity.

Welcome to the Customer Avatar & Transformation Story Workshop

It's time to change how your customers make decisions and facilitate action.

In this 3-hour interactive session, you will learn:

You’ll have a clear path to increase sales and reach your customers more effectively.

Workshop Details

Duration: 3 hours 

Price: $2,500

All participants will receive a Participants workbook and other workshop materials.

Ready to connect deeply with your customers and elevate your marketing?

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

No public workshops are currently scheduled at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Small business owners of all industries wish to understand their customers deeper.

No, this workshop is software agnostic and doesn’t require ActiveCampaign.

You will receive a participant’s workbook and a revolutionary new understanding of your customer and brand messaging.

This workshop is designed to be accessible for all levels.

A brief lecture followed by hands-on activities, customer avatar development, and messaging.

Have more questions? We’re here to help. Let’s Chat.

About the Facilitator

Lindsay, an email marketing consultant, has worked with Fortune 100 companies like AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, educational institutions, and personal brands. With a Master’s in Instructional & Performance Technology and a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, she’s a Six Sigma Green Belt and an internationally recognized ActiveCampaign Consultant. Her goal? To elevate your bottom line through innovative technology solutions.

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