Use a Jar of Awesome to Celebrate Wins

At the beginning of 2016 and inspired by Tim Ferriss, I set up a Jar of Awesome. A Jar of Awesome is a container that encourages you to capture wins and other positive events that occur in your life. Each time you contribute to a Jar of Awesome you celebrate and reflect on your life journey.

The video below is Tim’s explanation of a Jar of Awesome.

How I used my Jar of Awesome

As a work-from-home entrepreneur, it can be really easy to get in my own head and spiral into negativity. I use the Jar of Awesome as a tool to keep me focused: to celebrate wins, especially when I go outside of my comfort zone.

The Jar of Awesome is particularly helpful for creating engaging conversations and reflections. I share it with family and friends. I include any type of life event or activity in the Jar of Awesome because our life is a journey compiled of all of our experiences, not just in one area like school or work. I review the Jar of Awesome periodically throughout the year.

What is the impact of the Jar of Awesome?

The Jar of Awesome has created a safe and fun place to celebrate the small things in my life. Did you ever say to someone, “Hey, I made this really scary phone call today” and they were like “so what?” The Jar of Awesome is the place to own that part of my journey and to remember it. What seems like a big deal to me, isn’t always a big deal to others. My Jar of Awesome allows me to recognize and embrace my life.

Other Uses for a Jar of Awesome

Here are some additional ideas for a Jar of Awesome:

  • Create a personal Jar of Awesome. Include it as a part of your daily meditation practice or other routines to keep track of gratitude and intentions each day.
  • Create a family Jar of Awesome. Keep it in a common area for everyone to contribute to. The Jar of Awesome can help engage family dinner discussions; both providing input to the jar as well as reflecting back on previous contributions.
  • Create a Jar of Awesome for your office. Encourage your team to contribute. Review contributions during weekly team meetings.
  • Create a Jar of Awesome for your gym or other community environments. Encourage your community to contribute by offering raffle prizes each week/month/year to individuals that contribute.
  • Create a Jar of Awesome in your classroom. Encourage students to contribute small victories and successes that help lead up to more major events such as a test or marking period report.

Share Your Jar of Awesome

Help the Jar of Awesome movement come to life! Please take photos and share your Jar of Awesome on social media, using the hashtag #jarofawesome.

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