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How a Business Consultant Improved Customer Relationships with Marketing Automations

A client recently came to me because they were having a serious problem in their business. Her customers were getting really frustrated with her and her team. Although she had 5 start reviews for her services, the team’s slow response time and overall lack of customer support was dragging her reputation down. Now, my client’s […]

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How to Work On Your Business, Not In It

When you are building your business, your focus needs to be on gaining clients, providing the best service possible, and getting wins under your belt. You will reach a point when you have moved beyond the client acquisition struggle and your challenge becomes balancing the influx of work, relationships, and the day-to-day of your team, […]

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Generate Income for Your Business with Online Courses

Are you a coach or consultant who owns your own business or runs a side gig? If so, you are likely with the ups and downs associated with the work. Being independent enables you to fully leverage your skills and abilities across multiple clients and projects, challenging and enabling you to continually grow. However, as an independent […]

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How to Effectively Use Technology to Create Your Info Product

Did you ever think to yourself…  “I’ll never be able to create my info product because I don’t even know how to make a graphic.” “WHERE do I put what I create?” “Even if I DID create something, how will people PAY me for it?” These are all valid concerns. And quite honestly, another place where many entrepreneurs get […]

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