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Fortune 50 Healthcare Company Implements Knowledge Management System Improving FTF Rate by over 10%


While employed by a Fortune 50 Healthcare Company, Lindsay was assigned to research and select a knowledge management solution for the company’s call centers. Knowledge management is the efficient handling and distribution of information in an organization. Information can be in the form of documentation, tribal knowledge based on experience, call logs, and Lotus Notes.


Healthcare customers typically call in regards to urgent patient related issues which makes call center responses incredibly time sensitive. However, the company lacked a tool that unified contextual data and knowledge into a single system so that every employee had access to the same information as well as who was responsible for that information.
Therefore, when troubleshooting, call center employees frequently accessed up to 25 different locations in search of any given answer. Lindsay recognized the detriment this system and the time delay brought to both the organization and its customers. In turn, Lindsay’s objective was to implement a solution that could source, aggregate, and distribute information from various locations into one, organization-wide system.


Lindsay’s primary goal was to assist the call center in minimizing the time to find the correct answers for customer inquiries. Lindsay set out to define a process for organizing existing information and resources as well as ongoing maintenance. By shadowing call centers, listening to phone calls, and observing employee troubleshooting approaches, Lindsay had a comprehensive understanding of call center operations. With this information and through extensive research, Lindsay determined the appropriate enterprise search tool and provided two recommendations:

  • Data cleanup: Retrieve “insight” or mental knowledge from employees and create documentation for organization-wide use.
  • Assess, select, and implement Coveo, a knowledge management tool to better leverage the information being retrieved by call center representatives. 


The data cleanup and Coveo implementation brought instant and momentous organization results. By using current staff knowledge to create standard documentation and by connecting employees to the same knowledge, Lindsay’s team improved call center first-time fix rate by 10%; this is a crucial measure in ensuring customers’ time-sensitive concerns are handled quickly and efficiently.
Both solutions also saved the organization $500,000 per year by reducing employee search time for inquiries as well as time spent on training new staff from two years to two months. The team also increased call center ability to meet the organization’s service level agreement (SLA), answering customers calls within 180 seconds, by 10%.
On a personal level, during this project, Lindsay demonstrated her proficiency in Knowledge Management (KM) strategy by obtaining her Knowledge Management certification.

Lindsay has always impressed me with her knowledge, skills and abundance of creative energy. Her experience in a variety of work environments equips her to offer insights and solutions that are practical and effective.

Kevin Crosby, Owner of Full Circle Studio

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