Global Med-Tech Company Launches Knowledge Center Improving System Uptime and Increasing Customer Satisfaction


Working as a Senior Project Manager for a multinational healthcare company, Lindsay managed a 12-month project focused on the development of a new global Learning Management System (LMS) for both internal and external customers.


At the start of this project, the Global Education & Technical Training team was experiencing multiple challenges:
  • Self-paced, online operator training already existed for most products but was not being accessed.
  • The customers were looking for additional on-the-job support and continuing education that did not require travel or additional costs.
  • There was not a single, globally accessible system or tool to distribute training.


Lindsay led a design and development of a global knowledge center that allowed for the distribution of training and development content on a global scale.
They system allowed for customers to access and track training curriculums and roadmaps, required for product usage; on-the-job troubleshooting documents and that simulations and 3D product modules; continuing education coursework; and, links to outside documentation and Instructions for Use (IFUs).


By redeveloping the training implementation strategy, Lindsay and her team were able to put the right information in the right hands at the right time increasing analyzer uptime, service order avoidance and, increased customer satisfaction.
The Knowledge Center launched with over 50 topics that included; over 50 courses, 80 downloadable/printable job aids; multiple recorded webinars; photos, videos, and animations or four different product lines.

I had the pleasure of working with Lindsay at AT&T. She demonstrated exceptional design skills as well as earned excellent feedback from our internal customers. Specifically, I was told by one of our business segment leaders that she was the best designer they had ever worked with. She proved herself to be very sharp, driven and extremely dedicated to providing the highest quality.

Brett Binion, Manager AT&T 

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