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Med-Tech Company Launches New Learning Portal to Global Customers


Working as a Lead Instructional Designer for a multinational healthcare company, Lindsay managed a 12-month project focused on the development of a new global instructional strategy for internal and external customers.


At the start of this project, the Global Education & Technical Training team was experiencing multiple challenges:
  • Customers were being trained on medical devices at the time of need as opposed to the time of convenience.
  • Individuals who traveled to attend key operator training were not always the people in the lab primarily responsible for equipment operation.
  • The existing system lacked continuing education strategy – including training on advanced topics and system updates.
Customers purchasing medical devices require initial training and continuing education to ensure a smooth transition in using the medical device within the practice’s daily operations. While it is imperative to have key personnel complete the necessary training, because of limited availability and travel accommodations, personnel attending the trainings were often not the medical devices’ daily operators. Also, despite having training materials designed to assist individuals, scheduling training to align with the installation of equipment was often complex; this made it difficult to train customers prior to installation. Therefore, reducing training costs and time, properly enrolling key personnel, and standardizing global training materials were priorities to be addressed.


As Project Manager and Lead Instructional Designer, Lindsay led a multiple day workshop, which included internal personnel from around the globe, to review current strategy and brainstorm new solutions to address the above challenges. She worked in partnership with the Director and Managers of Global Education & Technical Training to develop a project plan and a detailed instructional strategy. The new strategy included the redevelopment of Operator, Key Operator, and Advanced Operator Training Curriculums.
Additionally, Lindsay focused on long-term customer success by developing a strategy to include continuing education webinars on key industry topics. This initiative provides continuing education credits for lab certifications. With the new strategy formalized, Lindsay initially launched the training in North America with the intent to launch to global audiences.


By redeveloping the training strategy, Lindsay and her team were able to put the right information in the right hands at the right time. The training uses on-site, online, and classroom-based resources to foster the training of Key Operators while also promoting site self-sufficiency. Compared to the previous strategy, the updated training offered more in-depth problem solving and troubleshooting for Key Operators.
The pilot evaluated how the team performed post-training, the number of calls received by call centers, and the number of engineers dispatched for assistance. With extensive training and Tech Talk support, Lindsay and her team noticed a 23.1% drop in calls to support for customer solvable concerns.
Lindsay is a true e-learning professional. She has detailed knowledge of her subject area and combines this with great consulting skills to provide superior service. Lindsay is also able to combine strategic initiatives with the tactical in order to lead teams effectively.
Geoff Barrow, CEO Gillespie Associates 

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