Online Influencer Improves Sales Team Efficiency with CRM Implementation


A purpose-driven entrepreneur, online influencer, affiliate marketer, author, speaker, and top-100 podcast host, sought to create a streamlined sales process for a 6-month coaching program using a custom build ActiveCampaign CRM pipeline.

Key Outcomes

Redefined customer journey that resulted in sending improved communications; the right message at the right time to the audience.
Migration of email and automation from ConvertKit to ActiveCampaign with zero downtime and impact on existing audiences.
Designed and implemented a new CRM for streamlined workflow within the sales team.

The Challenge

For over 8 years, this client has been offering authentic strategies for business growth and personal development to millions of listeners. As a result of their work, they have been featured on stages and media platforms all over the world, touching millions of lives.

Company Overview

At the start of this project, the client was using ConvertKit, primarily for email campaigns and basic automations. Unfortunately, the current software did not integrate with the checkout software or the Learning Management Platform (LMS). In addition, it did not have CRM functionality to support the sales team.
In order to resolve these challenges, the following priorities were identified:
  1. Redefine the customer journey so the audience can be segmented properly and send the right communication at the right time.
  2. Migrate to the ActiveCampaign email marketing platform and leverage the built-in CRM.
  3. Design and implement a new sales pipeline workflow, train, and hand-off to the sales team.


While working as the Lead Consultant, Lindsay led the analysis, design, development, and implementation of a revitalized centralized customer data hub.
This included:
  • Conducting an analysis of the existing system, identifying existing workflows, and creating a new marketing automation map to migrate to the new system.
  • Cleaned up the existing contact database (100K+ contacts) and migrated them to the new ActiveCampaign CRM.
  • Redesigned (including the process flow, copy, and CTAs) of existing email series.
  • Designed a new sales workflow from audience application to sales call to purchase and implemented it in the new CRM.
  • Documented, trained, and supported the sales team through the first 6-weeks of implementation.


By working on the project in focused phases, Lindsay could improve the existing workflow without disrupting the service to existing customers.
Each phase of the project led to an improved workflow process that, in turn, reduced overall costs while leading the team to the launch of a newly designed customer hub.
As a result of this project:
  • New leads followed a clear sales pipeline, with important milestones (interest, segmentation, best offer) tracked and accessible by the sales team for the first time ever.
  • Development of a customer ascension workflow that introduced the audience to the “next best action” (versus all the actions), providing a more delightful customer experience.
  • The internal team felt confident in their system; they understood the setup, how it operated and how to keep track of their leads in order to close more sales.

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