Battle Post-Purchase Anxiety With a Trust Building Automation Sequence

I remember when I purchased my first online course. It was only a few years ago… I was still working a corporate job, but I it was slowly killing me. The daily 9-5… (or really, like 6-6) was wearing down my body, mind and spirit.

I knew I could do more with my expertise. If I were on my own, I’d really be able to leverage my full capabilities.

I could create a life of flexibility and freedom… and not have to stick with what’s expected and the status quo of working a corporate job.

I just needed some help to get started building my digital business. A digital business in which I would share my expertise via consulting and coaching services along with various products.

Meanwhile, there was a course that kept popping up in my Facebook feed. It promised to teach me all about digital marketing. I had a bit of background here, and I was already starting to set the foundation of my business in place. The more I saw the ad, the more I KNEW this course could be the magic key to break me out of corporate.

I decided to take the plunge. As a newly divorced and single mom, I didn’t really have the extra money at the time. This was the first big investment I decided to make towards my future business! I was ready, but I was really nervous.

I pulled out a credit card and placed an order for a seat in an advanced digital marketing class.

Immediately, I felt an adrenaline rush of excitement, but also, apprehension.

Did I make the right choice? Is this actually going to help me build my business? What happens next?

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