[Blog Roundup] ActiveCampaign for Marketing Automation 

 May 6, 2020

As we are wrapping up 2019 and heading in 2020 this week I’m sharing the best of my blog; ActiveCampaign style!

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing and automation tool that allows you to streamline processes and workflow. It integrates easily with many other online systems making it my automation tool of choice.

(I also happen to be an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant).

If you are looking to learn more about ActiveCampaign OR enhance your usage of the tool, check out this week’s roundup of my best ActiveCampaign blogs!

​​​​[Case Study] How a Business Consultant Improved Customer Relationships with Marketing Automations

In this case study, we look at how an overwhelmed and overworked entrepreneur leverages ActiveCampaign to automate many of her team’s internal workflows.

The design and implementation of a brand new workflow integrated with new technology has allowed the team to step back from the tedious process of chasing down leads, to empowering the team to focus on what matters most; providing top tier customer service.

Read the case study here >> https://lindsaykirsch.com/how-a-business-consultant-improved-customer-relationships-with-marketing-automations/

5 Must-Have Workflows for Business Consultants

In this blog, we look at the most common workflows that business consultants leverage on a day-to-day basis and provide solutions for managing them.

This includes lead acquisition and nurturing, appointment management, pipeline tracking, and virtual communications.

If you are a service-based business, this blog is a must-read >> https://lindsaykirsch.com/5-must-have-workflows-for-business-consultants/

What is Marketing Automation, and How Can it Help Your Business?

All of this marketing automation stuff might sound and look good… but what exactly is it?

In this blog, I help you understand what is marketing automation and also provide some really awesome stats as to how it can help you manage and grow your business.

Check it out here >> https://lindsaykirsch.com/what-is-marketing-automation/

What You Should Consider BEFORE Hiring Someone for a Tech Project

If you are starting to feel convinced that maybe marketing automation may help you out with your business and are ready to get support from a tech professional… watch this video next!

In this video, I’ll help you understand the key things you should consider before you hire out someone to support your marketing automation project.

Watch it here >> https://lindsaykirsch.com/what-you-should-consider-before-hiring-someone-for-a-tech-project/

10 Tips to Get Up and Running with ActiveCampaign

Are you ready to get started with ActiveCampaign?

In my experience, I know it’s common to jump into systems quickly and then get overwhelmed by the options of what to do first. In this post I share with you my ten tips to set up and running with your ActiveCampaign account.

Check it out here >> https://lindsaykirsch.com/10-tips-to-get-up-and-running-with-activecampaign/

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Simple List Strategy Using ActiveCampaign

Keep your ActiveCampaign lists organized and most importantly, ENGAGED, using these simple tips >> https://lindsaykirsch.com/simple-list-strategy-using-activecampaign/

Automating Your Promotion: How to Launch an Effective Promotion Using Marketing Automation

Launch a promotion in ActiveCampaing using marketing automation >> https://lindsaykirsch.com/how-to-launch-an-effective-promotion-using-marketing-automation/

5 Tips to Organize ActiveCampaign

Keep your account organized and tidy with these ActiveCampaign features >> https://lindsaykirsch.com/5-tips-to-organize-activecampaign/

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