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Save a Fortune on Repetitive Marketing Tasks & Free Up Hours of Desperately Needed Time Using This Proven 3-Step Automation Process

(Perfect for 6 & 7 Figure Businesses)

Dear Overworked Entrepreneur,

If your business is currently doing six to low seven-figures, then this briefing could prove to be a real game changer.

I'm Lindsay Kirsch and I'm so glad you are here!

My passions? My kids and helping business run smoothly!


Because at this point in your business you are most certainly doing battle with the one single word that is making your life extremely stressful, turning your marketing efforts into a “how many plates can we spin at once” juggling act -  and probably making you feel overworked and burnt out.

That single word is... Chaos

The single greatest cause of entrepreneur burnout, depression, anxiety, declining health and even failing relationships is trying to do too much yourself. This happens when you’re not leveraging modern, smart automation technologies to make your life easier and less stressful.

And inside of your business operations, the same thing that is actually giving you a current level of success - is actually crippling you from getting to the next level of income and profits.


Too many small, moving parts eating into you and your team's time, energy and resources.

Let me introduce to you a concept that, once it clicks for you, will open your eyes to the problems you now are facing.

And by-the-way, when I share this concept with my clients the response  usually get is…

“Holy crap, that makes so much sense, Lindsay! How do we fix this?”

Frankenstein Marketing Systems: The Monster that once served you, is now Strangling your ability to grow

Let me break down this concept for you.

“Frankenstein Marketing Systems” comes with two actual manifestations:

F.M. Manifestation 1: A lot of separate marketing activities (PPC, Facebook, Email etc), all stitched together with no core strategy or smart workflow. This system has gotten you some level of success. The problem is, you’re not sure what exactly is responsible for the real ROI so you keep all the plates spinning out of fear of losing what IS working. This keeps you and your team busy and running around “troubleshooting problems” instead of actually creating and releasing additional highly-profitable marketing campaigns. When will you have time to go and analyze everything you need to?

F.M. Manifestation 2: is a growing list of “We really should be doing this” but that you can’t actually get to because you and your team and too busy keeping all the plates spinning from F.M Manifestation 1.

Not being able to get to the “should be doings” means daily irritation, frustration and knowing that you will simply never be able to grow and expand like you could!  If running your business now is keeping you and your team hustling well into the the night, what on earth can you ever do when you want to grow to the next level?

The Real “Heart” Problem with Chaotic “Frankenstein Marketing Systems”

You know the problem with “Frankenstein Marketing”; stitching a bunch of marketing activities together that eat at your time, money, and resources?

You’re deeply entrenched...right where you are.

Stuck, in other words. Your income level stays pretty much the same. Your workload stays pretty much the same.  The monotony and lack of fresh growth is stifling for both you and your team.

Yes, you would LOVE to grow and make more money. But...if you are already feeling overworked, burnt out or just plain tired - the last thing you want or need is to have to bring on more help, more people to manage and more plates to spin.

(Hint: In a minute I’m going to tell you how to automate some of those “spinning plates!”)

Sure, you are making sales. Just like a waterhose with a golf ball stuck in it can still get “some” water through.  

But what’s being left behind?  How much water (income) is being blocked from flowing into your business? How much time are you spending on activities that don’t actually produce an increase in results?

The “Hot Mess” Costing You a Fortune in Lost Time & Money

Even if it “appears” that your marketing system is alive and effective - 9 times out of 10 - “Frankenstein Marketing Systems” are really just a hot mess that is costing you a lot of time, money and energy that you can’t afford to lose.

It’s the worst kind inefficient.

If you are lucky enough to have a marketing team, “Frankenstein Marketing Systems” run your team ragged trying to “troubleshoot” all the moving parts when something doesn’t work; which is sadly more often than not.

Again, this is wasted time and money. Again, this is crippling you from being able to grow and expand your business.

I want you to know, none of this is your fault!  When you started your business you did the best with what you had. And now that your business is on the rise, squeezing every drop of income possible will be the deciding factor of how fast you get from where you are now, to where you want to be!

There Is a Solution to the “Hot Mess” Chaos

Listen, I’m not trying to bum you out. But, I’m not saying anything you don’t already know and experience every day.

Most businesses with any level of success deal with marketing chaos on a daily basis.  For others, sadly, they don’t market their business at all because it’s too costly and perhaps, intimidating.

This breaks my heart because NOTHING good happens to you or your business, unless your marketing and other “mission critical” workflows are spot-on and dialed-in.

Let me explain:

Lindsay’s Simple (Yet Powerful) Truths That BuildSmart, Highly Profitable Marketing Systems That Won’t Ruin Your Health, Cost You a Fortune, or Drive You Insane

The first step of bringing order to your marketing chaos is to first understand a few essential concepts that are empowering and equip you to make SMART, PROFITABLE decisions for your business.

Doesn’t matter if you are a solopreneur or a CEO of a fast growing corporation - these Simple Truths will make your marketing more profitable and more predictable, plus it will make your life easier and less stressful.

For 12+ years I’ve worked in the “belly” of some of the world's most iconic brands as a systems  and automation specialist. AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, University of Phoenix, Emory University, and countless other small businesses and entrepreneurs have come to me to help turn their ideas into cash flow. I even held a senior rank in a fortune 500 company.

What I’m about to share with you comes from a LOT of real-world experience.

Lindsay’s Simple (Yet Powerful) Marketing Truth #1:  Without a Smooth Marketing Machine, You Aren’t Really IN Business (You’re Just Struggling “Doing” Business)

Few entrepreneurs are naturally good marketers.

Even fewer enjoy marketing.

For most it’s a necessary evil that they would prefer to do without.

With that said, I want you to really–in your gut–understand how VITAL having a smoothly running, effective, and optimized marketing machine is to not only your business - but to your LIFE.

Yes, your life!  Your life, your dreams...your sanity.

Let me explain that a bit more...

Nothing good happens for you, unless someone gives you money. I know that’s pretty simplistic, but it’s absolutely true.  

Whatever your reasons for going into business:

  • Maybe you want a steady income stream so you can go explore and enjoy your life outside of your business. Time with family or fun adventures without have to worry about money.
  • Maybe you yearn to build an empire; with visions of international power and influence.
  • Maybe you want to be recognized as an trendsetter in your community; someone who makes things happen.
  • Maybe your passion is to build your community into a more wonderful place for everyone.
  • Maybe you want to impact the world with your ideas and motivation.
  • Or maybe want to use your business income for your real “passion projects.”

Whatever your reason for going into business, if you want ANY of these experiences to be your reality - and you are wanting a business to provide the income - you need predictable, consistent sales.

No sales = no income = no dream life.

Think about it.  Most business owners can’t take time off because if they do, the money stops coming in.

You want stability in your life?  It takes stable income.

You want free time? It takes Systemized & Predictable Income (and something else we’ll get to in a moment).

You want to change the world? You’re going to need a lot of fluid income.

You want to impact your community and make a difference? Going to take free, disposable, income to invest outside of your business.

So, our logic train leads to this simple truth:

The first step is creating the business you first dreamed about - is accepting that Marketing is something you MUST do CONTINUOUSLY & EFFICIENTLY

And in such a way as to be able to SCALE and GROW

Speed = Money Being Able to Quickly Deploy Fresh, New Marketing Campaigns

Is the Key to Stable, Predictable Growth and Income

As we have seen together, the single greatest influence of sales, is your marketing. Unless you thrive purely on word-of-mouth for your business, you’re spending money (usually a lot of money) on marketing.

The issue is, most businesses your size are so busy keeping the previous plates spinning, that they simply don’t have the time or resources to create and deploy fresh, new marketing.

So, they stay stuck steadfastly right where they are.

For most businesses with some current level of success it can take forever to put up a new Facebook Campaign, sales page, email sequence, upsell pages, etc.

This leads to these essential growth opportunities simple not being done. They require too much effort and resources your team doesn't have.

Expensive Repetitive Tasks Eat Away At Your Business’s Potential

All of you and your team's time and focus are being eaten by what’s already in play. When this happens, what you get are troublesome, labor-intensive and very expensive “repeat tasks” that just chew through your budget and available time.

You still have to pay someone to keep all of these moving parts going.

Nothing is automated!

To have anything new created and deployed means you have to hire someone to go in a do it!

And if you don’t have a lot of expendable income, or time and energy - or if you are already feeling overworked and stretched tight, the last thing you will want to do is add more work for yourself.

That’s not what Savvy Entrepreneurs do, but good news - there’s a solution for you...

Lindsay’s Simple (Yet Powerful) Marketing Truth #2: Smart, Savvy Entrepreneurs Automate the Most Essential & Profitable Aspects of their Marketing Systems

Imagine boarding a plane with grand plans of travel to some wonderful, exotic destination..a dream vacation! (We’re flying 1st class on this trip...of course we are :-)

Lindsay Kirsch

Now, imagine the pilot boards the plane. He’s tired, confused and all over the place. The haggard pilot just sits down, coffee in hand and doesn’t check a single instrument. Doesn’t make sure the most vital systems in the plane are working.

Doesn’t follow any predictable systems check!

Doesn’t even make sure the tires have air…

Just cranks up the music and takes off; hoping for the best!

He’ll trouble shoot in the air.

After all, isn’t the point just to get launched - get out there?

Neither you nor I would ever in a million years get on that plane.

And yet...

...most entrepreneurs approach their marketing systems (which is the plane that will take you to your dream business) in the same haphazard way.

They know some parts of their marketing systems are working and are effective. They just have no idea WHICH parts work. Likewise, they have no idea which parts of their marketing are failing and costing money, but could be fine tuned to work and actually produce ROI.

I stated this before but it needs repeating! A thousand times if necessary!

How this greatly cripples your business (and leads to overwhelm for you and/or your staff) is this: the parts of your marketing systems that “are working” still require you or an employee to carry them out.

They still require Time, Money, and Work (Especially if they are broken)

The parts of your marketing systems that “aren’t working” still require you or an employee to carry them out.

They still require Time, Money and Work.

The insidious issue with these “problem areas” is because they aren’t working, they are costing you:

  • A fortune in lost sales
  • Unhappy customers who are disillusioned with the experience they have with your seemingly disjointed and unorganized company
  • Lost employee time and energy putting out unnecessary fires
  • check
    and can actually derail and destroy the parts of your marketing that ARE working

But because you are still having to manage and carry out all the steps for the “Working Parts” of your sales machine - you can't actually find time to FIND & FIX the parts that are broken!

So they STAY broken!

And they STAY a constant source of anxiety, irritation, and lost income!

Listen, I get it.  There are a million things to do on any given day for a business owner to tend to. The days are already short on time. Most entrepreneurs are weary, frustrated, and beat-up.

So many things to figure out and deal with. Facebook, ADwords, email campaigns, referrals, reviews to deal with..

Successful Marketing really is a plane with thousands of moving parts.

The Million Dollar 3-Step Automation Plan to

Predictable Sales with Less Stress and Anxiety

- The Key to Unlock the Next Level of Success for Your Business -

I’ve worked in some of the largest companies in the world.

I’ve also worked (and now prefer to work) with passionate, vision-driven Small Business Owners to build their dream business.

Regardless of how “big” or “modest” you want your business to be, if you want to enjoy that success and not work yourself into exhaustion or into a serious health issue (or  be forced to staff an army of people)...you must simplify & automate!

Simplify & Automate!

Simplify & Automate!

You have to stop spinning so many plates and invest your precious time, energy, and resources into what will actually grow and stabilize your income; invest in smart marketing.

But HOW do you actually do that?

Below is a 3-step process that I use with my clients to free up  desperately needed TIME, MONEY and ENERGY!

This is the starting point to Simplify & Automate key aspects of their marketing systems.

This is a million-dollar insight all by itself.  But you HAVE to use it! It’s worthless if you don’t actually USE it.

If you would like some practical, specific advice and personal help identifying these areas of your marketing systems for potential automation, in your business - drop me a line and we can have a relaxed chat about what’s possible.

Step One:

Identify the areas of your marketing campaigns that are working (and by “Working” I mean are effectively doing their job and producing more money than they are costing you). There are many tools and processes that help entrepreneurs do this and to try and list them all would be overwhelming. Knowing what to look for and then how to analyze the data is both a science and an art. Many times, a segment of a marketing funnel actually appears to be making money. But when studied more closely and with the properly trained eye, is actually eating away at your marketing campaigns effectiveness and profit.

Step Two:

Design an effective workflow that smartly automates those “Working areas” of your marketing with affordable tools and systems, thus freeing-up time, energy, and money for you and your team.  Many overworked entrepreneurs would love to automate key aspects of their marketing funnels and sales process; but put it off thinking it would be expensive and labor intensive. The great news is many of the solutions you could use to automate are super affordable and well worth the investment due to the time, money and energy they can give back to you and your team.

Step Three:

Re-Invest that now Freed-Up Time, Energy, and Money to either grow your business even bigger or invest in your life however makes you happiest.

There is no better feeling than suddenly finding a windfall of additional income, freed up time and energy. Running a business can be so draining on the mind and body. When you suddenly find yourself with more time and money, you will finally be able to reinvest those precious resources in whatever way you need most.

Need Some Help Automating Your Marketing?

Friendly Advice & Ideas from Someone Who Cares

I adore helping my clients! I left “Big Corporate” because I wanted to get in the mud, side-by-side, with passionate entrepreneurs out to build something exciting!

I want you to succeed and having a thriving business for years to come. And as we have discussed, having that kind of business will require ongoing time, energy and money you and your team have to keep investing in your business.

So, unless you have endless amounts of time, energy and money to pump into your marketing efforts (which most don’t) the only way you can get those priceless resources back for yourself and your business is to isolate a complex task that is costing you time energy and money - and create an automated system that does that work for you either in part or entirely.

How much quicker and easier would it be for you to launch new marketing campaigns... get new customers... generate more sales... if all of your marketing technology, automation, and set-up challenges were... just GONE?

What would that mean to you, your business, and your income?

Let’s Have a Relaxed Chat About How-to Free Up Time, Money and Energy

I invite you to reach out and contact me to see what is the best path for you and your business. If you’re feeling stretched tight, overworked and could really use more time, money and energy - you have options.

You finally have a way out, now.

If you know your business would enjoy exciting new growth if you could just stop some of those “spinning plates” in your marketing efforts and put that time and money into NEW MARKETING CAMPAIGNS - let’s talk.

I don’t do high pressure sales calls, hate them really. When we talk you can relax with me and together we will take a look at what’s going. Once I have a little info on the situation,  I can then offer you real, practical ideas and strategy for automating key aspects of your marketing.

Everything I suggest will have one main intention: free up time, money and energy for you, your team and your life.

If you find my suggestions aren’t a fit for you? No worries. You will still have made a new friend and ally in your business. :)

If you love my suggestions and want to “make it happen”...we can create an action plan that’s a perfect fit for your business.