Plan Like an Expert: 10 Foundational Questions to Make A Rockin’ Info Product - Lindsay Kirsch

Plan Like an Expert:

10 Foundational Questions that Banish Overwhelm and Anxiety So You Can Make A Rockin' Info Product Your Customers Love and That You Can Be Proud Of!

The idea of creating an info product is exciting! After all, digital product sales are a 1 trillion dollar market… With the compound annual growth rate from 2016-2020 is expected to be around 11% (Selfstartr, 2017).

However, when you start thinking about what knowledge you want to share, how you will build the content and then distribute it, you may feel exhausted and overwhelmed. There is a lot to do, and it can be very confusing!

I remember when I created my first product. I started the development of what I thought I wanted. But then, as I started to work through it, I became overwhelmed with the what, why’s and how’s to create it, that I became frustrated.

I was worried. I thought that there was NO WAY I could do it successfully or even remotely close to it! I would be a big, fat failure. And, I’d probably get fired from the project.

And worse, I didn’t trust myself. I was new to the professional world and didn’t feel confident that I had the authority to take on this project.

Lindsay Kirsch

There were so many questions rushing through my brain… What if they didn’t like it? What if I did or said something wrong? What if they thought I was painfully boring? What if, it didn’t achieve the expected end goal? What if I failed all of these people who were depending on what I created?

After all, who was I to be creating this product?

I didn’t even want to create it anymore because I didn’t know what to do. I lost my focus, clarity, and motivation. Who was going to buy this product? If I was confused or unimpressed with what I was creating, how were other people going to like it?

Before I buried myself in self-sabotage, I took a step back. I reorganized my thoughts around what I was creating. I focused deeply on who it was going to serve.

To conquer the overwhelmed feelings for myself that came up TIME AND AGAIN in every product I went to create, I developed a list of ten foundational, simple yet profound questions.  I answer these questions before starting ANY product development. With answering these questions, all the steps necessary to create a powerful product became crystal clear.

By the way, I'm Lindsay! After creating this list of ten foundational questions, in 12 years I have created thousands of info products, courses and e-learning environments for countless businesses across the globe.

And yes, even after creating thousands of info products, I still use these questions, to this day!!!

Can you imagine gaining clarity on your info product, by simply answering ten questions?

I can! When I have concrete answers to these questions, it is much easier to create and launch a product! There is no more get stuck starting it, or worse, in mid-development.

Powerful, engaging, and streamlined info product development is my passion and expertise. And after so many of my entrepreneur friends kept confiding in me these same insecurities and confusion, I just had to release these questions for free.

Not only that, but I’m also going to share a ton of other powerful tips and methods for creating highly-engaging online courses that your clients will eat up like candy. All for simply sharing your email with me.

Grab your clarity question worksheet today, and make a breakthrough with your info product development today!

 Kelsey D. 


Lindsay's simple logic took all the guess work out of planning my digital product. I don't know what I'd do without her guidance!

 Kristi S. 


I absolutely love this guide! Lindsay helped me get so much more clear on what I need to design my first info product and how to make sure it will be relevant to my clients and successful for my business. I walked away feeling super inspired to create!