Organize Using Asana: 5 Steps to Project Management, Part II - Lindsay Kirsch

Organize Using Asana: 5 Steps to Project Management, Part II


5 Steps to Project Management: Implement with Asana

Overview of Asana

There are many tools available to help you implement the 5 Steps to Project Management (and how to get things done). My personal favorite tool is, Asana. When you organize using Asana you can begin to implement each step quickly and easily.

Asana is a free, web-based tool that allows you to track projects, tasks, teams and communications; regardless of location.

In this post, I will help you follow the 5 Steps to Project Management and organize using Asana.

Why Use a Digital Tool?

Paper and pen are a great resource to brainstorm and begin to organize your projects, however you may find that over time, it becomes messy and you are re-writing you lists frequently. In addition, you may want to be able to collaborate on projects and tasks, even when you are not in the same physical location. By using a digital tool such as Asana, you can make rapid changes without having to erase and rewrite the details of your project out and working collaboratively with others.  When you organize using Asana, you are creating a robust and malleable system for your project management.

Get Asana

Create a free Asana account, in order to follow along with my organizing using Asana tutorials below. Click here to go to the Asana website and create a free account.

Organize with Asana Basics

In the following video, I will walk you through basic set-up of the 5 steps using basic Asana options and features.

Beyond the Asana Basics

In this video, I will show you how to further enhance your project organization using more advanced features in Asana.

Did You Organize Using Asana?

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