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Did you ever wonder, who am I and what I am doing here?

What is my purpose?

What is my value?

What drives me to do what I do?

Do you want to clarify your purpose and passion for being here?

If you've thought about creating a change in your life, but you don't know where to start… you are in the right place!

Hi, my name is Lindsay, and I know what it is like to feel lost and confused while living a life that seems like it is going really well.

I know what it's like when you have a decent job, growing family, and can have modest living; all well feeling guilty because you just aren't happy about what you do every day.

When I first graduated from college, I had big dreams. But over time, as I settled into professional work, and family living; I became comfortable, and I let that be ok.

Over the next ten years, I went in and out of permanent jobs and contract-based work. I just couldn't seem to find something that stuck and felt right... on my purpose.

Coincidently, during this time at an industry conference, I met an amazing woman, who become my mentor and coach.

This woman, a prestigious speaker and author in my field began to work with me on identifying my vision, missions, goals. She helped me dive deep into learning all about Lindsay, including my strengths and value, how I communicate, how others see me and how I tend to waste time. We worked through discovering what motivates me and how this can impact my collaborations with others.

My mentor helped me identify what was important to me in a career, based on where I was in my life; even when his changed.

We also looked at where I would be awesome, and where I might struggle. It was eye opening to me.

Through this process, I learned how to find work that suited my style, and was able to i

dentify work that was not the right fit.

My mentor helped me work through job changes; making the decision to accept a permanent position at a Fortune 500 Company, where I rose to the ranks of a Senior Project Manager; to later going back to entrepreneurship.

My mentor also helped me with life changes; getting married, starting a family, and then divorce. We worked through challenging relationships, communications with others, and situations that caused me stress.

The deeper I understood myself, the more capable I was able to create my ideal environment around me; resulting in less stress and agitation in my life.

This clarity has been invaluable.

Understanding WHY I make decisions (what drives me), and HOW I react (my behaviors), helps me manage the ups and downs of life.

It has helped me see how others see me; and expanded my view of how I see others.

All of this information, combined with working with my coach has allowed me to take hold of my strengths and position myself for the most happiness and success in my life.

And I continue, this practice of self-discovery and understanding, and continually grow.

We all have unique talents and skills that we may not even be aware; when you uncover these talents and the how and why of your interactions, you can translate your knowledge to others in real and powerful ways.

Just Imagine…

Imagine walking into a job interview and knowing what your ideal working preferences are, and being able to interview the interviewer, and be your judge of the fit for the job…

Imagine collaborating on a project with a friend and understanding exactly what drives both of you to be working on the project in the first place and seeing each other's strengths and value to the project from this…

Imagine looking at a personal relationship you have with someone and being able to express your specific needs to them, and have more open and understanding communication…

The right coach can help you clarify your vision and live a life on purpose.

Elevate Yourself Coaching Package

Talent Insights (DISC) Behaviors & Motivators Report

The TTI Success Insights® Talent Insights Report was designed to increase the understanding of an individual's talents. The report provides insight to three distinct areas: behaviors, driving forces and the integration of these. Understanding strengths and weaknesses in these areas will lead to personal and professional development and a higher level of satisfaction.

2-Hour Coaching Session

120-minutes coaching session conducted over a Zoom video conference. In this coaching session we will look at what you do, how you do it and what motivates you, based on your personalized Talent Insights (DISC) Behaviors & Motivators Report. We will uncover areas where you waste time, and identify areas where you will be challenged. Most importantly, we will identify your value and brainstorm a system to capitalize on this.

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Clarify Your Value and Growth Your Strengths Digital Course and Workbook

Dive further into you Behaviors & Motivators report with the Clarify Your Value and Growth Your Strengths Digital Course and Workbook. With this course as your guide you will be able to continue your self-discovery and reflection beyond our coaching session. (Value $199)

If you're ready to dive deep into who you are, click the enrollment button below to start today! You will be so glad you did!

How can you afford NOT to do this?

You are your greatest asset. Give yourself the competitive advantage and get clear on who you are.


PS: If not now, when? When is the last time you took charge of YOU?

Lindsay Kirsch Performance Coach

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What People Are Saying...

I wasn't sure what I wanted to achieve when I signed up. I knew I wanted to know more about my behaviors and what I can do to make me a better worker. As I answered the questions and then debriefed with Lindsay, I realized how much I wanted to do more with myself. I wanted to hear my flaws and how I can better communicate with people who have a different personality than mine. I did get these results and now the hard part is doing something about it so I can follow through with my goals. I've made my action plan and have already started on a few tasks.

Elaine Berman Instructional Designer

It is amazing to work with Lindsay. Lindsay really knows her stuff; inside and out. She is very laid back and explains everything really clearly. Lindsay is extremely detail oriented and can logically explain each step to reach the goal. The information presented was so interesting that the session felt like five minutes.

When doing new things or trying to implement new ideas, I know want to go from A to Z but don't always know how to get there. In this session, Lindsay taught me about my natural and adapted behavioral styles. I realized there are certain areas where I will benefit from soliciting help to accomplish goals; or else they won't get done. Opening up my eyes to my behaviors has made a significant impact on me, and my new business.

Rachel Busch-Rubalcava

I did not even realize that there was so much to learn about how my personalty impacts my work style and productivity. I was interested in pinpointing how to become more effective and productive.

Lindsay's program gave me some great tools that I can implement in my work, most importantly self-awareness on what makes me productive as well as what keeps me from doing my best work. The program was extremely comprehensive, touching on the aspects of my work style that I did not know even existed, and it gave me the opportunity to look a little closer at what has been holding me back. It gave concrete tools on how to improve my working relationship with others and how to be aware of what I should do when I start to see myself slip into the ineffective habits that waste time.

I would definitely recommend the program to a friend, and to any people who are interested in getting really clear about what they can do to become their best self, both professionally and personally.

Michelle Miecznikowski

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What are assessments?

How are assessments used?

Why do you need them?

How do they work?

Who uses them?

How reliable are they?

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Words That DON'T Work

A Pilot Study Examining Verbal Barriers

Job Matching

The Key to Performance​

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